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Accelerator Application Park – Suzhou

On 25th October CGN Dasheng signed a Letter of Intent (tripartite cooperation agreement) with Suzhou University and the government of Wujiang District to promote the development of an Accelerator Application Park (AAP). The accelerator park will focus on promoting the application of waste water treatment using electron beam (EB) technology in Wujiang District.

Mr Hu Dongming CGN General Manager said that Wujiang District has an excellent investment environment and infrastructure, a comprehensive industrial support network and presents significant high-tech enterprise cluster opportunities. As a leading enterprise in the manufacture, application and development of electronic accelerators and technical services in China CGN Dasheng will continue to support investment in the construction of the AAP in Wujiang District, Suzhou City.

Under the terms of the tripartite agreement the parties will jointly work to create a world and domestic first-class Accelerator Application Park. The parties aim create a cluster of sophisticated technology based companies that will integrate with existing technology businesses including healthcare, clinical applications, scientific research and development companies.

The new Accelerator Application Park will actively promote the application of EB technology for waste water treatment in Wujiang District and will promote the construction of further demonstration projects.

Suzhou University is a national “Duo-first rate”, “211 Project” university with a strong scientific research capacity and many talent advantages.