A wide range of materials benefit from irradiation which can be used to improve the characteristics of materials, sterilise healthcare products, solve environmental challenges and to test the integrity of materials.

In China the CGN contract irradiation centres enable customers to outsource the irradiation process and to test materials using our extensive and diverse network or irradiation and laboratory testing centres.

By offering equipment, materials, processing and testing facilities as well as a research capability CGN Dasheng is able to provide customers with comprehensive support to better enable them to achieve their business goals.

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The treatment of industrial wastewater from paper mills, textile printing and dyeing mills, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial facilities where there is a need to remove or stabilize contaminants in the water. Electron accelerators can also be used to remove airborne contaminants in exhaust systems and flues.

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The Pre-vulcanization of tires enhances their properties and avoids use of a chemical process. After radiation the anti aging ability and mechanical strength of the rubber as well as the rubber moulding is enhanced and the rubber consumption is reduced. As a result the quality is improved whilst production costs are lowered.


Using EB as a powerful energy source, curing is a process to convert chemicals into films on different substrates of different materials such as plastics, paper, metal and wood. This can be widely used in coatings, inks and adhesives. Comparing to conventional methods, EB curing provides superior advantages including energy saving, optimum efficiency, extraordinary performance and environment-friendly. In some particular applications such as food packaging, EB curing is the best solution because of its irreplaceable safety standards and speed.


A diverse array of single use medical products, devices and packaging materials are processed in order to ensure that they meet international sterility assurance requirements and standards. The products include woven cotton, non-woven and hydrogel medical dressings and gowns, surgical latex gloves, composite membranes.


The treatment of cooked meet (pork, beef, chicken), dry nuts and fresh and preserved fruits, spices and pet food. Processing is undertaken to ensure the quality and safety of the foods.


Phytosanitary controls are used for border security to ensure that pests and diseases are not transmitted between regions or countries. Phytosanitary treatments are therefore important in facilitating international trade.

Wire and Cable Applications

Radiation cross-linked cables provide the mechanical and thermal properties required to enable them to perform effectively in harsh environments e.g. aerospace, rail, automotive, electronics and solar industries. Radiation technology is cost effective, fast, easy to control and environmentally friendly.

Wire and Cable Applications
Semiconductor Applications
Semiconductor Applications

Accelerated electrons are used to modify and improve the characteristics of materials used in semiconductor industry.

NDT Applications

Non-destructive testing using electron accelerators is undertaken to evaluate materials, components or systems to ensure their safety and integrity in operational use.

Non-Destructive Testing
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