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CGN Accelerator Intelligent Manufacturing in Suzhou

On October 16, CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: CGNNT,  000881. SZ) signed an investment agreement with the Management Committee of Suzhou Zhonglu International Logistics Science Park to build the first domestic accelerator intelligent manufacturing base in Zhonglu International Logistics Science Park, Wujiang District, Suzhou.

CGNNT said that the establishment of CGNNT smart manufacturing base in Suzhou is one of the important measures to implement the company’s A+ strategy, involving five major fields:

  1. medical linear accelerator manufacturing,
  2. medical cyclotron manufacturing,
  3. radioactive drug R & D and production,
  4. industrial electron accelerator manufacturing and application,
  5. proton accelerator equipment manufacturing,

which can all comprehensively integrate and improve equipment manufacturing and talents including training, marketing, operation and maintenance services. These comprehensive capabilities are required to accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements related to nuclear technology into industrial applications thereby further consolidating and enhancing the already leading position of CGNNT in the market.

On April 30 this year, CGNNT signed a strategic co-operation framework agreement with Suzhou Municipal People’s government and Suzhou University, focusing on cooperation on the proton tumor treatment industry chain, accelerator manufacturing and electron beam pollution prevention and control. The construction of the CGN Accelerator Intelligent Manufacturing base has effectively promoted the implementation of these co-operation projects and enables a solid step forward for all parties who will work together to build a high-end manufacturing and application industry cluster of nuclear technologies in Suzhou.