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First Water Treatment Facility using EB Technology

On 6 March 2017, CGN Dasheng inaugurated the first facility to use electron beam for the environmental treat industrial wastewater. This event ushered in a new era where radiation technology provides significant environmental and operational benefits to textile producers.

The first facility is in Jinhua city, 300kilometers south of Shanghai. It will treat 1500 cubic meters of wastewater per day, around a sixth of the plant’s output.

Textile dyeing accounts for 20{6cdbd41d092fe16467f9183981b3cd452cd1da4ec8f2736c31f1f9dc8a2cff23} of all industrial wastewater pollution generated worldwide. While several industrialized countries have used radiation to treat a proportion of the effluent generated by textile dyeing plants this is the first facility in China. With an increasing proportion of textile production being undertaken in developing countries in Asia a significant amount of the wastewater is presently untreated.

In most cases bacteria are the workhorses of wastewater treatment: they digest and break down pollutants however wastewater from textile dyeing contains molecules that cannot be eliminated or nutralized by bacteria. Wastewater from the textile industry can contain more than 70 complex chemicals that do not easily degrade. By irradiating the effluent using EB, it can break these complex chemicals into smaller molecules, which, in turn, can be treated and removed using normal biological processes.