CGN Dasheng supplies over 100 different specialist material formulations that provide Industry with a range of high performance solutions to technical challenges. We have 10 production lines, manufacturer 12,000 tons of polymer per annum and have have 60 sets of testing equipment to ensure the consistency of our product formulations. All of our systems are integrated into an ISO quality management system.

Our products include low smoke halogen free materials, low smoke low halogen materials and PVC materials that are extensively used in industries that include automotive and aviation. Our material formulations, once irradiated, are resistant to extreme cold, oil, solvents and abrasion.

Our comprehensive product range includes formulations that meet specific country requirements including Chinese, European and Japanese requirements.

Our polymer products include:

Low-smoke halogen-free Materials:

• Halogen free cable photovoltaic materials
• Power cable materials
• Civil construction materials
• Electric vehicles and charging pile materials
• Overhead cables and cable materials
• Marine and locomotive cables
• Halogen free electronic wire materials
• Nuclear cable materials

Low-smoke low-halogen Materials:

• Low halogen photovoltaic cable materials
• Low halogen electronic wire materials
• Irradiated rubber thread material
• Other cable materials

PVC Materials:

• Electronic wire and harness materials
• Automotive wire materials
• Special cable materials

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