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The Research Center of Electron Beam and Environmental Technology

The Research Centre of Electron BEamand Environmental Technology – Co-established by CGNNT and Tsinghua University Nuclear Research Institute

On March 19, Mr Zhang Xiaohong, Deputy Director of SASASAC General Bureau, and Mr Lin Jian, Chairman of CGNNT Board, witnessed a cooperation agreement signed by Mr Kenneth Hsiao, General Manager of CGN Dasheng Accelerator Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CGNNT, and Mr Wang Jianlong, Vice President of Tsinghua University Nuclear Energy and New Energy Technology Research Institute (Tsinghua University Nuclear Research Institute). According to the agreement, the two sides jointly set up the Research Center for Electron Beam and Environmental Technology Applications to promote the application and industrialization of China’s electron beam technology in the field of pollution prevention and control, accelerate the transformation of achievements and promote the construction of “beautiful China”.

Wang Jianlong and Lin Jian announced that the “Research Center for Electron Beam and Environmental Technology Applications” was officially operational at Tsinghua University.

CGNNT has a network of high-specification equipment for commercial nuclear technology applications using electron accelerators. Tsinghua University Nuclear Research Institute has undertaken extensive research using electron beam irradiation and other environmental protection technologies. This cooperation program is of great significance as it will improve the ability to use nuclear technologies to address environmental pollution in China.

Ms Zhang Xiaohong said that using the results of advanced scientific research nuclear technologies can actively help address environmental problems in poverty-stricken areas which will enable them to cultivate and promote market-oriented, brand-name products. These actions will allow the stable development of industries thereby reducing poverty without further adverse environmental impact. The application nuclear technologies will help to get rid of poverty without returning to poverty and is therefore it is an important aim. CGNNT actively explores and promotes the application of electron beam technology in the battle to alleviate poverty. CGNNT provides solutions to keep agricultural products fresh and improve environmental governance in poor areas. CGNNT innovates and provides mechanisms to alleviate proverty and confirms that, as an important enterprise, it will continue to promote the use of technology in the battle to alleviate poverty and to improve the environment.