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A Review of 2018 – Achievements, Business and Skills

Nuclear technology towards better human life

In 2018, under the strong leadership of our board of directors, CGN Nuclear Technologies (CGNNT) continued to focus on it’s core business and to implement an innovation-driven strategy.  CGNNT continues to develop it’s three core business units; manufacturing electronic accelerators, offering radiation processing services and the supply of modified polymer material. Our core business units enable us to offer “complementary and coordinated development” whilst benefiting from increasing scale and the synergistic effects that this provides. We continuously strengthen our position and influence in our industry thereby enabling us to act as a first tier leader in the civil nuclear technology industry.

Our Achievements in 2018

Revenues grew from RMB 6.37 Billion in 2017 to 6.78 Billion in 2018 delivering growth of 6.5%. Our electron accelerator and radiation processing business increased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year delivering growth of 26.2%. Our modified polymer business delivered growth of 19.0%

 In 2018 several of our core business segments became market leaders in China.

  • We manufacture and installed 56 industrial accelerators in the domestic market providing us with a leading market position in Southeast and South Asia.
  • Our irradiation services centers offer a comprehensive and market leading range of electron beam technologies
  • We supply & manufacture of specialty polymer materials. In 2018 our investment in the Wenzhou Jinhai Industrial Park was completed and brought on-stream. In 2018 we were in the top 10 of the most competitive enterprises in China’s Cable Raw Materials (Non-Metal) industry. We also become a Jaguar Land Rover Material Supplier
  • We are a leading producer & supplier of modified engineering plastics in China.

Acquisitions strengthened our business in 2018

In 2018 we acquired three high quality Chinese companies:

  • CGN Gray (Shenzhen) Technology Co.,ltd
  • Dandong Huari Science Electric Co.Ltd
  • CGN Xin-Qi-Te (Yangzhou) Electric CO.,LTD

Our Service Business

Our irradiation service business operates continued to expand in 2018 and now offers:

  • 49 accelerators at 10 locations in China and Taiwan
  • 45 accelerators of 5 MeV or less used for polymer modification
  • 4  accelerators of 10 MeV used for sterilization


We are the only CNAS certified laboratory for sterilization validation using electron beam in China.

Our People and Skills

Our Technical Expertise & Innovation, R&D investment increased by 38% in 2018. We have leading infrastructure for scientific research and innovation including:

  • 2 National R & D facilities
  • 2 CNAS certified laboratories
  • 1 Academic training base
  • 24  Provincial scientific research centres
  • First-class people who innovate and optimise
  • 4 Post-doctoral research staff
  • 500+ Personnel involved in research and development
  • 65 Engineering staff
  • 18 External experts

Impressive achievements

  • 500 patents
  • 2800 technical differentiators
  • 165 additional patents pending (109 invention, 56 utility models)

 We have participated in the formulation of 14 standards, including 10 national standards, 2 group standards, 1 industry standard and 1 enterprise standard.

Advanced Manufacturing capability

We are the largest manufacturer of industrial electron accelerators in China with energies ranging from 0.1~10MeV. We offer a diverse array of formats, and solutions for a wide range of specialty requirements including industrial waste water treatment, tyre pre-vulcanization and aseptic filling systems.

Advanced Service capability

We are leaders in the provision of irradiation service using electron beam technology.

We have the greatest number of machines, the largest capacity and are leading specialists in the application of electron beam technology. We have the capability to sterilize health care products, to treat food and food ingredients and to modify polymers including wires, cables, heat-shrinkable material, sheets, electronic components.

Specialists in Polymer manufacturer and supply

We are experts in customized supply of specialty polymers and materials and are the largest supplier of advanced cable material that includes a range of materials suitable for use in nuclear engineering.

Our 2019~2021 Strategy

We will maintain the eB+ strategy and will maintain our development strength and will continue to make progress in developing high-quality products, servives and materials. Our visionis to use nuclear technology to deliver improvements in the quality of human life. This include Safer Human Settlement Environment (Nuclear Agronomy, Nuclear instrumentation.Healthier Life Services (Nuclear Medicine) and more Ecological Civilization (Nuclear environmental protection, irradiation service, new material)

We love to help our customers. Contact a member of the CGN Dasheng team and let us help you achieve your goals.