Many specialist manufacturers prefer to sub-contract the irradiation of materials to a specialist irradiation center. CGN Dasheng offers flexible processing at its 10 service centers in China and Taiwan. With 44 machine configurations CGN Dasheng offers geographic and operational flexibility combined and technical competency to ensure that we are able to achieve outstanding results.

We have 44 electron beams at our 10 irradiation service centres. Our service centre network includes a variety of electron beam design configurations that enables us to meet a diverse array of customer needs across a large geographic area.

Our services include:

Electron Beam


Irradiation Service Centers

We have 10 irradiation centers that are used to improve the performance of polymers, to vulcanize rubber used in tyre manufacture, to cure pressure sensitive adhesives, silicons, and coatings and to ensure the sterility of healthcare products and the safety of food.

We operate 44 accelerators for polymers modification to improve the characteristics of a wide range of polymers and to provide humanity with a safer and healthier environment. Our 4 high power accelerators are available to sterilize medical devices and health care products and to process foods.

Testing Laboratories

Laboratory testing and analysis is a vital part of material processing and production. At CGN Dasheng we are able to offer a full laboratory testing service to support all aspects of product design and production. Common tests include; radiation sterilization validation, dose setting, dose audit and sterility testing, wire and cable material evaluation and environmental testing and monitoring. We have four types testing laboratory; Microbiology, Physics, Dosimetry and Environmental. Each laboratory is fitted with state of the art testing equipment that is accredited to Chinese and International standards.

Our Laboratories offer the following testing services:

Microbiology is the study of microbes and their interactions with humans, animals, plants, and the environment. Microbes are those organisms usually too small to be seen by the naked eye, such as bacteria, viruses and archaea, and eukaryotes like yeast, protozoa and algae.


Dosimetry is the measurement of the absorbed dose delivered by ionizing radiation. The science of dosimetary is central to monitoring and measuring the irradiation dose delivered to a product. In some cases the science is seen as a sub-specialty in the fields of health physics and medical physics.


Physics is a science that evaluates and tests materials. Our physics laboratory undertakes testing and analysis on advanced materials, biomaterials, composites, adhesives and polymeric materials. As products become more sophisticated and are used in new and advanced formulations an understanding of the way they work together and of the effect of irradiation is critical.


Environmental testing has changed and become much more important over the last few years in response to a significant change in domestic and international laws and best practice. China is embracing these changes and irradiation is providing an increasing range of solutions to environmental challenges. Far sighted and innovative companies such as CGN Dasheng can provide a comprehensive environmental laboratory testing service.

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